Section of the young for safety

Section presentation

We are an ambition group of young people, students and graduates of Security Studies and other academic subjects which are related to safety, security, protection, social security etc.

We represent Section of the Young for Safety which operates under the Slovenian Association for a Safe World. Together we wish to raise awareness and spread safety expertise in various real life areas. Above all, we wish to acquire new, practical knowledge which is necessary, if we want to be up to the safety and security challenges Slovenia is facing in the future.

Slovenian Association for a Safe World is a voluntary, independent and non-profitable association of citizens/ entities in Republic of Slovenia and it operates in accordance to the Associations Law (Ur. L. RS, no. 64/2011-UPB2).

The mission of the Slovenian Association for a Safe World is to raise and promote safety awareness as one of the social values and the right of every individual, regardless of race, nationality or gender. By working into direction of raising awareness of the importance of safety we aspire to help citizens in establishing adequate safety in local communities and by global integration contribute to a safer world

Goals of the Slovenian Association for a Safe World:

  • Educating and raising awareness of the importance of global safety for the members and general public;
  • Promoting safety, security and protection in order to raise personal and general community safety level;
  • Promoting safety experts;
  • Raising general public respect and good safety, security and protection practise;
  • Achieving the highest possible safety level in the society;
  • Cooperating with other organisations dealing with any form of safety, security and protection
  • Supporting and mentoring young, future safety personnel;
  • Raising awareness and offering support to citizens in safety area;
  • Making international connections for the young, future safety, security and protection personnel and other interested citizens for safety in local communities as their right and one of the basic social values.

Also, our intention is to highlight that the young people need the opportunities to overcome their future challenges easier. Our purpose is to look for new solutions, new ideas for better tomorrow and therefore better common safety. We believe that Slovenia needs us. Our contribution goes towards a safer world at home, in family circles, public places and working environment – nationally as well as globally. We aim to become recognised at home and abroad.

We decided to set up Section of the Young for Safety wishing to disseminate knowledge and, most of all, to acquire (practical) experience from various safety areas. Slovenian Association for a Safe World wishes to connect and cooperate with different companies, institutions, organisations and other associations which deal with safety issues and areas in various ways on daily bases. Our intention is to enhance career development and employment chances. We wish to build a career in the safety area and, as we are safety experts, help others provide safety conditions in different areas by raising awareness, education and other activities.