Matjaž Varl, active citizen in effort for secure local community


You belong to a group of civilians for the local security, as labelled in the Slovenian association for the safe world, which is very committed to a safe environment for all residents. From the perspective of a citizen, can you share with us your personal view on the issue of local security?

In particular I am of the opinion that each repeated danger is decreasing the quality of living, having a bad influence on general welfare and is reflected in all spheres, including mutual relations. In such situations, ignoring the facts doesn’t help, with uncritical and careless attitude, the issues never regulate, in most cases however, they are only intensified in a negative way. If one realizes that should be our way of living, we have to ask ourselves, is this what we really want.

In your opinion, what is the most disturbing factor that make people feeling unsecure in local environment?

The most worrisome are alcohol and excessive speed in road traffic, where at consequent risk are kids, making the first steps in the world, as they aren’t able to protect themselves against dangerous drivers. For this we are all responsible, including those who doesn’t respond adversely to such practices. Reckless behaviour and tempering of public order are another disturbing factor, as the result of alcohol or drugs abuse and an irresponsible attitude to the environment in which we live all together. Such situation soon brings in the conditions for crime, nepotism, corruption, evasion of taxes and misgovernment of local administration management. It is usual profit for a handful of the privileged, while the majority of citizens is deprived of the basic rights, dignity and a basic sense of security. For example, common local occurrence is defrauding of public property, which is manifested in form of improper or illegal extraction of natural raw materials. We should be aware this are serious criminal offences and threats to general security, which leave irreversible consequences, with adverse effects on human health and the environment in which we live.

Do you think that citizens are sufficiently well aware of the fact, that security in the local community may also depend on how much they are committed to it?

Such issues geographically differ between provinces and deviations are present between the city and rural areas, also. The residents of a municipality are best to know the specifics of the local security problems, as they are often directly confronted with them. It is very important to locally approach such irregularity to achieve expected or satisfactory safety. Every individual can be an important factor in this process and is an indispensable part on the way to joint success.

How, in your view, should the system of local security operate that would, at the same time, stand as example of a good practice?

In the first place is the consistent work of the police and municipal security services. Only with confidence in these state institutions, citizens can successfully build on the improving safety and mutual cooperation, without the risk of being harassed or otherwise compromised. The basis for this is a transparency and the comprehension of local authorities. They would have to provide conditions for smoot viability of different forms of prevention, such as the Council for the safety of the people, miscellaneous aid or help groups and similar. Significant for improvement is a correct organisation of work with the younger population in schools, the promotion of creative activities and greater support to sports associations. In large part they can contribute to youth guidance in the right direction and decent way of living.

Too often we overlook the anomalies in our own society until it’s already too late. Therefore, it would be an appropriate approach to toughen the awareness of residents about their rights and options they actually have in a variety of situations. In Bohinj, there is more and more citizens who care about general safety. We are aware about seriousness of certain problems and we are joining at IVK institute for safety culture/Slovenian association for a safe world, where we are provided with expert assistance and excellent support. Therefore, on this occasion, I urge citizens and co residents, to join us in these efforts to maintain a secure local community, together with the police and safety authorities.

Because of dealing with tourism, you have a lot of information about foreigners view on Slovenia, what are their responses after experiencing the beauty of our country?

According to the current world situation, I can assure Slovenia is a very valued destination among travellers, they feel extremely safe here and warmly welcomed. We can’t afford to waste this reputation with possible disorder, improper relations or security risks. Every respected country classifies among financial investors from all over the world and not just tourism branch profits from this benefits. With lack of capital, such attraction is necessary for a successful development at all levels of economy. A higher standard reflects in better situation in the field of health, education, employment, or for example, a faster renovation of outdated infrastructure. From this point of view, we should be aware of this great potential, with responsible acts to provide a quality and safe environment, friendly attitude and agreeable exterior appearance of our country.

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