About us

IVK Institute for Safety Culture

Abr. name: IVK Institute

Headquarter: Tržaška cesta 132, 1001 Ljubljana Tel.: +386 31 202 456    E–mail: info@institut-ivk.si

President of the Council: Črtomir Borko, PhD

Director: Andrej Kovačič / CV

Tax ID.: 59528818 Registration No.: 6537243000 IBAN: SI56 10100-0052798453 Bank: Banka Koper d.d. Bank Swift: BAKOSI2XXXX


IVK Institute is a non-profit private institute for expanding the knowledge about safety and raising awareness of the importance of the safety culture which could be maintained only when all the parts of the society are involved. We operate by means of education and training as well as basic and development research in the field of school safety and school children violence within educational system, but also local community and security at work. Our mission is to encourage integration and to deepen the relation among members of the civil society and others who are responsible for the safety in schools, local community and at work places.


Safety culture represents all the stand-points, beliefs, values and actions that could help develop a better personal and general environmental safety. It is about awareness and experience of personal safety being the basic right and responsibility of every individual, who should therefor provide for personal and environment safety within their living and/or working community.