About the portal

We all need safe world at home, in our neighbourhood, at public places, in traffic, at work, in schools – in a word in our national as well as global environment.

The biggest threat to a safe world is the man himself. That is why a safe world needs a responsible and sensible citizen, who would not be a danger to himself, to other people and to our common environment. So there are dilemmas and issues opening to us all. What should the safe world protection be like for an individual, for the society, for our planet? The answers should be within each and every person, national policy and international society.

Safe world should therefore become the priority in our safety culture and, most of all, the reality for everyone.

The varensvet.si portal is a media centre developed to promote safety, security and careers for various safety areas. We post good practice cases relevant to safety and ways to manage different safety risks. We try to consider all important areas which deal with safety: from expert contents, current issues, advice on safety, to projects and national and international research.

Our portal is also a platform presenting Slovenian Association for a Safe World including two sections: the Section of the Young for Safety, consisting of young people, future human resources for security, and the Section for the Local Security which consists of citizens who care about their personal as well as their local/municipal safety and security.

Portal is designed for:

  • IVK Institute members;
  • Slovenian Association for a Safe World members;
  • Section of the Young for Safety and Section for the Local Security;
  • Action group for the local security;
  • Young people who are interested in careers in the area of safety and security;
  • Interested citizens;
  • Professional and non-professional public;
  • Different organisations and institutions;
  • Media.

The Management Board, headed by the Chief Editor, decides on all contents of the varnisvet.si portal.We look forward to all users of our portal.Books and other publications dealing with different aspects of safety, security and protection are also available at the portal.Portal is designed for posting job ads and presentations of young people looking for a job in the area of safety, security and protection. Thus organisations could find potential young resources or candidates for the posted jobs at one spot and the other way around. Organisations looking for new personnel for safety jobs could contact Management Board of the Slovenian Association for a Safe World, as they keep the reference list of the most promising young safety personnel.

The Management Board, headed by the Chief Editor, decides on all contents of the Varensvet.si portal.