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Website, owned and managed by the Editorial Board of portal, uses cookies.

Cookies are small text files which is stored by user’s browser (PC, mobile phone, etc.) and allows the user to access the website. When revisiting the site, the site manager can view the data regarding user’s software, which are collected via cookies.

The site manager can collect information via cookies regarding the website use and certain user’s preferences or software used to access the site (different users, last date visit, language and other website settings, screen settings, website browser, etc.). Specifics for data analysis for a specific cookie are listed in the table below.

Data collected through cookies cannot provide identification of the user as described by Personal Data Protection Act (ZVOP-1), which mean that data based on thus collected information do not provide disclosure of name and surname and other identification data of the user.

Cookies used at our website

Session cookies

Cookies are necessary for managing and viewing the contents. The cookies provide undisturbed reception of e-mails and website contents. Cookie expires when the website user closes their browser. Session cookie does not save user’s personal data.

Cookies for Google Analytics

Google Analytics is free Google tool for website analytic data which can be used by the website manages mostly for better understanding how their site is used by the visitors. It also installs cookies at website domain you are visiting. On visiting the site you are advised on using cookies.

Description for Google Analytics.

Additional information on using cookies:
Information Commissionaire guidance
Directive 2002/58/ES European Parliament and Council of Europe

How to clear the cookies?
Keep in mind that clearing or blocking the cookies, all or some websites you are visiting (or some of their functions) would not function properly or efficiently enough.

Links for information regarding disabling website cookies:
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