Civilians for local security

The group Civilians for Local Security consists of active members of the Slovenian Association for a Safe World. Their main role is to help members and other citizens in their own environment. They are active in the field of local security in their neighbourhoods, they cooperate with the police and other services and authorities locally and raise awareness and inform local citizens about the events connected with safety issues. The main goal of the group is to achieve the highest possible safety level, to increase safety culture level and to strengthen social capital as well as to help prevent local crime acts.

 One can become a member, if

  • He/she is 18;
  • Expresses a wish to become a volunteer and be an active member;
  • Meets general conditions to become a member of Slovenian Association for a Safe World;
  • Is not under any the criminal proceedings and/or has never been sentenced;
  • Is already active or wants to be active locally;
  • Is willing to get additional training in the area of the needs of local security;
  • Signs the oath to act according to the legal system of the Republic of Slovenia, to abide by the group rules and actively contribute to the high level of the local security.

Members of the action group are regularly trained by safety, security and protection experts within Slovenian Association for a Safe World and in cooperation with other services and authorities. Training fields are: general safety and crime prevention in local environment (neighbourhood), personal safety and self-protection, acting and measures in cases of home violence and other potential issues relevant to the local population.