About us

Slovenian Association for a Safe World was established on 10 July 2015. The reason behind it was the often expressed necessity for a non-government organisation which would connect various aspects of safety, (self) protection and security, both regarding young and potential safety personnel and other citizens who care about the safety in Slovenia, now and in the future. We represent an intersection site for young and ambitious future safety personnel who are at the beginning of their career development, organisations and active citizens in local communities.

Our mission

The mission of the Slovenian Association for a Safe World is raising public awareness and promotion of safety as one of the social values and one of the human rights regardless of race, nationality or gender. By working in the direction of raising awareness of the importance of safety, we aspire to help citizens in establishing adequate safety in local communities and by global integration we contribute to a safer world. Our special attention goes to career development of the young, perspective safety personnel.

Our vision

We are informational, professional and training centre that offers support to our members and all interested public. Our vision is to help young, future safety personnel on their road to more experience in safety, security and protection area. Thus we wish to support them in their career development, professional growth and give them a competitive edge in the process of employment.